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Why prices provided by Expert Windows & Doors are better than from other companies?
Expert Windows & Doors is a family owned and operated company. Our prices are better because there is no middle sale persons involved. The entire job is done directly by the installer. Other bigger companies have more expenses on the sale personal, telemarketers, advertising, office space rent, etc. All those expenses are covered by a higher price.
Are the products installed by Expert Windows & Doors in the same quality as from other companies?
There are a number of windows and doors manufacturers on the market today. We have established partnership with one of the best out there and get the products directly from the factory.
What is Brick-to-Brick installation and when it is required?
A "Brick-to-Brick" or "Full Tear Out" type of installation includes the complete removal of your old windows and frames. It is required in the case when the existing frame is rotten or poorly insulated. This type of installation requires more labour and materials thus more expensive comparing to a Retrofit installation. A Retrofit installation includes removal of the old window and installing a new one into the existing frame.
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