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Steel Entry Doors Steel Entry Doors. These vinyl-clad steel doors have window-like appeal because of their ornate glass inserts. This combination of strong construction and charming glass motifs is welcomed by architects and home renovators and, especially so, by future homeowners. Several most popular styles are available to create elegant entranceways that complement the overall architecture of a home.
Sliding Patio Doors Sliding Patio Doors. Not only functional. This vinyl frame patio doors have the design and energy efficiency qualities too.
Gliding Vinyl Garden Doors Garden Doors. Beautiful entryways to a home’s garden. Yet our Garden Doors with aluminium screens are sturdy and weather resistant.

Casement Windows Casement Windows. They’re strong, well-insulated, easy to operate and clean, even from the inside.You’ll appreciate their added security feature, too.
Awning Windows Awning Windows. You’ll get plenty of fresh air with these – they open from the bottom. Choose from two different styles that work well with any home’s décor.

Low Profile Fixed Windows Low Profile Fixed Windows. You can’t beat these for the best view going! They look great, too. Come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be customized to any taste.
High Profile Fixed Windows High Profile Fixed Windows. For homes that will benefit from an extra expanse of glass, along with spectacular effects. Designed specifically to fit larger openings.
Single Slider Tilt Windows Single Slider Tilt Windows. These work well on the side of the home, or in smaller rooms. Single sash ensures complete protection from the weather, makes cleaning easier.

Single Hung Tilt Windows Single Hung Tilt Windows. An excellent choice for big homes with many rooms. Specially designed to fill larger openings. And, don’t forget, these can be customized.
Double Slider Tilt Windows Double Slider Tilt Windows. A favorite with architects, builders and home-owners. Easy to install. Ideal for homes where lack of space makes exterior projection a problem.

Double Hung Tilt Windows Double Hung Tilt Windows. A traditional look that combines classic styling with excellent ventilation. Triple-sealed to keep out unwanted moisture and air. Complete with full-size screen.
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