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1. Initial Consultation: During the Initial Consultation, you will be surprised at how thorough the process really is. With dedicated and knowledgeable consultants at your service, we will help guide you in making the right choices for your home. When you choose an in-store initial consultation, we will be able to show you the right selection of product that will meet your needs AND within your budget.

You will be able to see and touch the various options available, as well as make colour choices and select from the widest range of interior wood finishes available in Canada that will complement your lifestyle through your decorating scheme. Energy efficiency is always important, so we will be able to show and tell these benefits as well.
2. Site Visits: Site visits are another excellent way for us to fully understand your needs. This can happen before OR after an initial in-store consultation. When you contact us, we will arrange a suitable time to meet at your home (preferably during daylight hours). This affords us the opportunity to walk around with you and get a real 'hands-on' sense of the situation. During this time, we can advise whether all or some of your windows / doors would be best suited for a retrofit or full frame installation. We can make suggestions as to which cosmetic options would serve you best, be they grills or glass coatings for example. At the conclusion of our walkabout, we will provide you with an outline of the installation process, what you can expect, and a rough timeline it would take to do the work so you can plan ahead accordingly.
3. No Charge Written Estimates: We know you take estimates seriously and that is why we put a lot of time and effort into providing you with a comprehensive document. Our estimates are provided as written, they include images for your reference, outline clearly the work that needs to be done and the payment terms available.
4. Professional Installation: Once the estimate is signed and approved by you, the installation can begin. We will arrange a convenient installation start date with you, again, confirming how long it will take to complete the project. It is of paramount importance to know is we only use experienced installers who are professionally trained. Because of that we can include a two year guarantee on our installations. Generally, the process is quick and painless.
5. Removal of old products from the site: For your convenience, all old products are removed from the site and the site is left spotless as a result.
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